Leadership division of the School of Mathematics and Statistics

Party Secretary: Wang Xianglin

In charge of the work of the college's Party Committee. Responsible for party affairs, mass organizations, united front work, political and ideological education of faculty and staff, safety and stability, integrity building, institutional development, and cadre assessment. Contact the Second Party Branch of the faculty.

Tel: 023-47285743




Deputy Party Secretary and Dean: Wang Qilin

In charge of the administrative work of the college. Responsible for the development planning of the college, discipline construction, program development, research work, personnel and faculty development, financial management, appointment and assessment, international exchange and cooperation. Contact the First Party Branch of the faculty.

Tel: 023-47284928


Director-level organizer: Liu Zengfu


Assist the Party Secretary in carrying out party affairs and mass organization work in the college. Responsible for the development of party members, party member education, party member management, grassroots party organization construction, and other arrangements related to the college's party organization. In charge of the second-level party school. Contact the undergraduate student party branch.

Tel: 023-47285263


Deputy Party Secretary: Ma Zailiang

Assist the Party Secretary in the daily management of the Party Committee, in charge of student affairs. Responsible for political and ideological education of students, daily education management, extracurricular activities for students, as well as graduate employment, academic atmosphere building, community coordination, external publicity, and internship base construction. Contact the graduate student party branch.

Tel: 023-47284129


Vice Dean: Tan Yuanshun

Assist the Dean in the daily administrative management work, in charge of teaching and laboratory work. Responsible for daily teaching management, teaching team construction, practical teaching management, laboratory construction, teaching supervision, quality engineering construction, curriculum development, scientific and technological innovation, and research on education and teaching reform.

Tel: 023-63431587